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      • Here’s a few questions for the Call the POLICE for proetction crowd. #1. How long did it take the Police to respond?(we’ve all heard that one) #2. How many shots were fired by the Goofball murderer? #3. How many shots were fired by the Police protecting the students? ( I believe that was ZERO) #4. How many students were saved by the Police? (again I believe that was ZERO) Don’t get me wrong, this is nothing against the Police. It is just a matter of geography that it takes them so long to respond. Police responce can NOT be instantaneous. However, one armed citizen could have stopped the whole bloody mess, almost INSTANTLY!!! Just a thought.

        • It’s truly tragic that there are people in this World willing to hurt and kill other people. It’s even more tragic when it’s done at random, for no apparent reason and involves children or young adults. But since they do exist, there is something to be said for well armed, well trained citizens.

    • Why in the world would someone with a filamy with children even WANT a gun? In this day and age, one needs to invest in better security for their filamy and insurance for their valuables or precious filamy items. But a gun that fires bullets, unless it happens to be for people who do war reenactments or the weapon is a filamy heirloom, does not need to be in a home with children. What if something happened to one’s children, especially if they have access to a gun? Remember Columbine?It wouldn’t bother me to see gun bans be put on in cities with a lot of gang violence. Or on an area like where I live, surrounded by rednecks and hicks who give their toddlers BB guns or pellet guns and let them have at it while wearing thick clothes.My father owns a small handgun and a rifle; both only fire copper-covered metal BBs. He obviously does not have these for self-defense or filamy defense, he keeps them to fire at rodents that come into his yard and try to nest in his basement.On another note, the Second Amendment:Whether one realizes it or not, the right to bear arms is quite old. Way back in the day, EVERYONE:-hunted game for food (or fished)-was in the militia and needed a gunNot to mention guns were more readily available to civilians. They didn’t register guns back then. They do so now to help solve crimes.The world was different back then. It was a fiercer, more dangerous place, and less was known of what might be lurking in the woods I find it unfair to pin anti-gun legislation on just Obama. Remember that there are other people in Washington who voted for or against guns.Just try to see where the other side is coming from with this. I support bans on guns for certain situations.

      • We can respectfully agree to disagree on this one.

        There are many great reasons to own firearms. Self defense, recreation, sport and hunting are just a few of those great reasons. The great thing about this country is that we have the RIGHT to bear arms, and you have the freedom to disagree and express that view.

        The key to safety is not gun control, bun training and respect. Not just training in, and respect for firearms, but respect for other people and the value of human life. This stuff starts at home with parents.

        Looking at the current state of the economy, municipal budgets, cuts in law enforcement and the increasing crime rate, I can tell you I’m very thankful for the Second Amendment. I sincerely hope I never need them in a self-defense role, but I’m very happy for the firearms I keep at home. Talk to friends or family members in law enforcement and read the news, the harsh reality is that the Police don’t always get there in time. They can’t be everywhere, protecting everyone at once. Thinking they can just isn’t realistic, and it could be dangerously naive. For me, it’s just another part of a self-reliance strategy for life.

        While I grew up with firearms, firearms safety and shooting, I’ve only recently (last 10 years) gotten into hunting. For me, it’s a new challenge, it gets me into the great outdoors and helps increase my skills with firearms. It’s a phenomenal ‘life skill’ that helps further self-reliance, just like fishing and/or fixing things in and around my home, my automobile, etc. It’s nice to know that I could successfully put food on the table for my family if I ever really needed to – and I can do it a number of ways. That’s a pretty big potential advantage in the day and age where most men can’t change a tire, change their own oil or confidently and safely handle a firearm.

        Maybe you should get out there with your Dad for a day of firearms safety training and target shooting!

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  4. First of all, my huband and I both have CCW pimerts and own guns. I cannot ever see the 2nd Amendment ever being taken away. There are too many people opposed to it. And with the shape our economy is in and the amount of money we have lost in the past few weeks and the drop in our homes value, I cannot base my vote simply on ONE issue. The Right to Bear Arms is not going anywhere. If things keep up the way they are, we’ll have to sell our guns anyhow! Be real here. We cannot afford to vote based on one issue. Look at the big picture and the rest will fall into place.

    • I just hope most people realize how vital the Second Amendment is to the big picture, and how dangerous it would be for us as citizens and for us as a Country if the President ever tried to take away that RIGHT.

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