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  6. It has been almost three months. Have you made a decision yet? As I am in the same boat, I am anxiously awaiting your pick. Thanks for the solid research.

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  8. Hey buddy, thank you for the article, outstanding. Looking to buy my first legal firearm. Want ar15 first. I was kinda overwhelmed and enlightened by your article. Thought Colt was best because of name and contract. Ideally, looking for a good zombie AR, lol. Able to fire lots of rounds thru barrel, reliable in adverse conditions, and maybe light weight. Not that I am rich, but cost is not a factor. Can you please give me one rec? Cheers mate!

    • Tristan, thanks for the positive feedback on the article. I know it’s been a while, but I hope by now you’ve thought this through, and narrowed down your POU (Philosophy Of Use.) The AR-15 is great choice for a many all legal POU’s – varmint / predator hunting, defensive purposes, competition, and purely recreational shooting top the list. However, I don’t recommend “zombie AR’s,” and your comment about “Able to fire lots of round thru barrel” have me seriously questioning your firearms knowledge, experience and intent. So, I won’t make any recommendations at this time. If you are really genuine and sincere, my best advice for you is to take some firearms safety & education classes, and then to visit 3 or more LGSes (Local Gun Stores) in your area as a start. Do that first, and then feel free to hit me up with more comments, an email for more information. Cheers.

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