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In short, the Rapid Dominance T302 Rapid 96 is an NTOA approved, full-featured, cavernous 96-Hour (4 day) pack, with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, that sells for ~$125.  It might just be The Best Kept Secret in 3 – 4 Day Tactical Packs!  I mean, with smaller competitive offerings with less features selling for more money – sometimes A LOT more money – how do you not give this pack a try?  Seriously?!


Picture courtesy of Rapid Dominance

Like many of you, I’m constantly on the hunt for cool gear, and recently decided I needed a good 3 – 4 day pack.  I checked out the The Usual Suspects – Maxpedition, 5.11 Tactical, Vanquest, Kifaru, Mystery Ranch, Hill People Gear, Frost River, Duluth, etc. etc., but for a variety of reasons couldn’t get fired-up about any of the current offerings.  Truth be told, I came real close to buying the well known 5.11 Tactical Rush 72, but it seemed a bit small.  I also looked closely at a few Maxpedition offerings as I already have a bunch of their gear – but their stuff can be a bit overly stiff, and likewise, overly priced.  Other offerings were either a bit too old school, didn’t have enough pockets, or just cost more than I wanted to spend for something I’ll use occasionally, and predominantly  on a recreational basis.

I also intentionally wanted to try what might be considered a lesser known brand because like many of you, and while I don’t like cheap things, I sometimes wonder if we have to spend as much as we do for quality gear.

So, what do you get for your money?  The RAPDOM T302 Rapid 96 highlights include the following points, and  since I was severely disappointed with the lack of pictures on the net, I rolled in a bunch of photos to highlight the great features of this very well thought out, organized, high-quality pack.


I sincerely hopes this helps you in your search for a good 3 – 4 day tactical style pack.


  • LOTS of SPACE, 29 POCKETS and MOLLE everywhere!  52L, or 3,151 cubic inches of space, spread across 4 side pockets, a front organizer pocket, a front main pocket, a front top pocket, a huge main compartment with drainage holes, a fleece lined sunglass pouch and a hydration sleeve.  The T302 Rapid 96 provides SIGNIFICANT CAPABILITY!



  • Useful compression straps.  Four on the side with captured ends – a very nice touch, which is great for when using this bag without a full load-out.  You also get compression straps on the bottom / underside of the pack, which is great for securing a sleeping pad, bedroll, or even rain gear.



  • Strong, quality, durable construction thanks to 1000D Kodra water resistant nylon, good buckles, good zippers and quality stitching.   (1000D Kodra is 1000 denier, 100% nylon, similar to 1000D Cordura, but Corder is actually Dupont’s brand name.)  You may find a stray thread, I don’t think the buckles are Fastek, nor do I believe the zippers are YKK, but for the price you pay and with the lifetime warranty, I’m not sweatin’ it…


  • An internal frame sheet with a steel stiffener, plus a padded back, with air channels to reduce sweat and fatigue. I have several packs in the 1600 to 2900 cubic inch range, and the RapDom T302 Rapid 96 is the ONLY ONE with an internal frame and metal stay and I find the frame a very welcome addition in this class of packs, especially when fully loaded up. 


  • A 5.11 style yoke / harness system with padded shoulder straps and a generously padded weight / load bearing hip belt, both of which make the pack very comfortable to carry.  The hip belt can also be stowed when not in use.


  • The RapDom 96 is also NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) – Tested and Approved.  If you’re not familiar, the NTOA is a nationwide information sharing network of tactical teams serving the law enforcement community.  Yeah, these are the guys that need their gear to work!  If it’s good enough for them, it’s probably good enough for 90% of us. 


Honestly, I’m not only impressed by features of this pack, but also by the attention to detail and level of quality.  It just might be the perfect balance between quality, space, features and price-point. I honestly don’t think you can beat it.  Especially for the price! 


The RAPDOM T302 Rapid 96 is absolutely the perfect Bug Out or Get Home bag.  My only problem with that plan?  I like the bag so much, I don’t want to relegate it to just that role.  The RAPDOM T302 Rapid 96 also makes the perfect 3 – 4 day pack, so I might just have to get a second one, or a similar, slightly smaller offering from RAPDOMThe nice thing is, at it’s current price, that won’t break the bank!


Props to Chris Tanner at PreparedMind101 for turning me on to RAPDOM with his reviews of their T311 Tactical Messenger Bag, which is also on my list.

Sincere thanks to Rapid Dominance for working directly with us at Inside The X Ring on this product review!


Give RAPDOM a look! You’ll be glad you did.

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