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To be clear, I have no intention of turning this into a political blog, that said, here are some quick thoughts on the law:

  • Know and follow all state and local laws for purchase, use, carry & transportation of firearms and ammunition.
  • It is up to you to know the law.
  • While there has been a significant increase in the ability for law abiding and appropriately trained civilians to carry concealed – and this is a great and positive thing– not all state laws are the same.  Unfortunately at present, unlike State issued driver’s licenses, which are nationally recognized, not all States may honor your carry permit.  Find out if your destination, or the state you are passing through honors your carry permit before you go.


  • Never rely on just the law to keep you safe!  Some current laws are themselves arguably downright dangerous, and at risk of doing more harm than good.  For example, California’s “loaded chamber indicator law” is an abomination. I’m sure the intent was noble, but without proper training, that law alone can cause deadly confusion.  What happens when that kid or new shooter from CA gets his Father’s or Grandfather’s gun,  moves to, or just travels to another state where there is no such law?  One could argue the CA law wrongfully encourages people to assume the the gun is not loaded if they’d don’t see the “loaded chamber indicator”!!  That could be a deadly mistake.  Take it upon yourself to learn and teach the correct way to safety check and safely handle a firearm.  It is not hard.  Learn it! Teach it – especially to your kids!  Never rely on wrongfully implemented “nanny” safety devices.  Not to mention such devices and indicators significantly disadvantage good law abiding citizens if they are ever in a situation where they have to defend their own life, or the lives of their family members.