2 comments on “Maxpedition Sling Packs – Perfect Tactical Bags for EDC and Outdoor Adventures!

  1. Gee, its a Maxpedition. Let me guess, $400 for one of these. The problem with this label is that other peolpe assume that you are packing heat or have a shitload of expensive gear that is worth stealing. It’s like a blinking stobe light that you have more money than sense. Whould I like on of these? Hell yes. However, I would not leave it in the car, walk around town or leave it outside. If I wasn’t actually using it, I would leave it at home so I didn’t attract attention to it.

    • Thanks for the comments – always open to some healthy debate.

      I’m a believer in that old saying, “you get what you pay for.” I also believe in buying quality, and buying once; doing it right the first time. When you save a few bucks to get an inferior product you usually spend more in the long run replacing gear that keeps breaking down or just doesn’t quite get it right. You can get some great Maxpedition packs, like the Fatboy and Jumbo Versipack, in the $80 – 100. That’s a very fair price for what you get, which is a very well thought out piece of gear, with phenomenal fit, finish and attention to detail. Now, I’m not saying you need to go out and buy everything Maxpedition sells, but it’s definitely worth it for a good, tactical EDC, day-pack, adventure, camera or first aid pack.

      In terms of it being a blinking strobe light… Sure, some law enforcement, military folks and people into this stuff may pickup on it, but the average person won’t, especially if you go with something other than camo, OD green or black, etc. I take mine with me walking around town, hiking, camping, on the beach, mountain biking, etc. and I’ve never had a problem. Just have to smart about it, and maintain your situational awareness. Just like anything else you might leave in the car, make sure it’s out of view and you shouldn’t have a problem.

      They’re great packs. They work very well and are a fair price for what you get.

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