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  3. Jim,
    I enjoyed reading your “AR-15 Rifle Choices – Part 6.” I’m wondering why Amendment Arms of Asheville NC ( http://www.amendmentarmsinc.com/ ), manufacturer of the new Joshua Mk5 rifle, was not included in the “Manufacturers Who Focus Solely on the M16 / M4 / AR-15 Platform”? Perhaps because they are the new kids on the block.
    Keep up the good work and thank you for taking the time to educate and inform us.


    • Fred,
      I’m glad you enjoyed reading the article, and thanks for taking the time to comment. With so many product choices already available, and with new offerings popping up all the time, like those offered by Amendment Arms, I knew this article was a risky endeavor. That said I felt compelled to give my audience a good starting point for AR-15s. In order to Keep It Real, I only provided information where I’ve done extensive personal research, or where I have hands-on personal experience. Good luck to Amendment Arms. Hopefully in the future I can get my hands on one of their offerings and spend enough time with it to do a review.
      Thanks again,

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