SHOT Show 2012 – Anticipation!

SHOT stands for Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (though these days that “T” could just as easily stand for Tactical or Tacticool!).  The Show is an annual convention in Las Vegas that is to shooters what SEMA and the International Auto Show are to car & truck guys… what CES is to tech & gadget guys.  You get the idea… It’s a BIG deal.  It’s 4 days of new and existing product “goodness” in guns, ammo, knives and all things related.  It a great place to meet colleagues, speak with vendors, find training, gauge the industry overall and to spot the currently hot market trends. Someday, I will be there!!

Like many of you, I’m unfortunately stuck at my desk, but I’m constantly scouring all available media for SHOT updates.  Here are some things I’m particularly keyed into:


Sig Sauer p938!

It is their hugely popular, accurate & reliable,  1911 style pocket .380 – but now chambered in 9mm.  The p238’s slightly big brother – same height, same width, just .4″ longer and ~2 ounces heavier.  In an increasingly competitive (good for us consumers) and currently red-hot segment of the market, could this be THE one? See The Perfect Pocket 9 in Special Projects for more info about my personal quest, but here are some pics, courtesy of


Beretta Nano Accessories!

The Nano is Beretta’s entry in the pocket 9mm ring.  The Italian gun maker – the oldest gun manufacturer in the World – has been making ultra reliable, ultra concealable pocket guns for a long time, but in early September 2011 they announced the single stack, striker fired Nano. Then they released it at the end of October – with a very reasonable street price.  By November it was in huge demand.  I’ve seen one.  I’ve handled one.  It is very high on my list.  With a very modular design, the possibilities for user customization and “one-gun” versatility are almost endless.  (I’m thinking beyond just different color grip frames to possibly different sized frames, and even caliber conversions.)  If Beretta takes advantage of their modular design and plays up user customizable accessories, this will be a huge market differentiator.  I’m expecting SHOT 2012 brings at least extended magazines and different color grip frames!  Again, see The Perfect Pocket 9 in Special Projects for more detailed info. Picture courtsey of


Glock?  I’m a huge fan!  They revolutionized the industry.  They redefined the modern pistol.  Will Glock finally release that single stack, small, thin and lighter 9mm?  Probably not this year, but I’m still excited to see what new Gen 4’s get released.


Sig Sauer p224. Right now, I’m more interested in the slimmer, smaller, single stack 9mms, but I’ll give this double-stack sub-compact a look.  If the 229 is the baby 226, this is the baby 229.  Same form and function as the P266 (if ordered DA/SA), but in a much smaller, compact size aimed at the currently red-hot concealed carry market.


The Black Rifle

For at least two or three years now, the state of the economy and other priorities have kept an it low on my list, but that may be about to change. The AR bug has bitten.  I am beginning a quest.  Could 2012 be the year I finally pull the trigger on the AR?!  I’m anxious to see what’s new for the platform, including complete rifles, components and accessories.  I’m looking for new and exciting things from ArmaLite, Advanced Armament Corp, Barret, Bravo Company Machine, Daniel Defense, LaRue Tactical, Lewis Machine and Tool, Magpul Dynamics, Rock River Arms, Stag Arms, and a few others.  See My Quest for The Black Rifle in the Special Projects section for more.


Other Cool Gear

Who doesn’t love cool gear?  Here’s a quick-hit list of other great gear and some vendors I’m watching.

  • Knives & Multi-tools: Benchmade, Buck, Cold Steel, ESEE, Ka-Bar / Becker, Gerber, Leatherman, Frost Mora, Spyderco and Victorinox.
  • Flashlights: 4Sevens, Fenix, Streamlight and Surefire.
  • EDC (Every Day Carry) Packs, Equipment, Range Gear & Clothing: Blackhawk, Maxpedition, 5.11 Tactical
  • Holsters: Bianchi, Blackhawk, DeSantis and Galco.


I’ll post SHOT Show updates when I can.