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Old Glory


This weekend, as you gather with friends and family, shop sales and hopefully enjoy fireworks, I ask that you take a conscious moment to reflect on, marvel at, and Thank God (whatever God that is) that if you are lucky enough to live in the United States of America, we enjoy so many freedoms, some of which don’t exist anywhere else in the World.

Now, I know everyone doesn’t always agree on the issues, the salient points, nor the outcomes, but perhaps just for this weekend, let’s put those differences aside, and unite as Americans, realizing that Freedom is what makes our Country such a great place to live. Some of our key freedoms include:

  1. Freedom of Speech
  2. The Right to Bear Arms
  3. Freedom of Religion
  4. The Right to Equal Justice
  5. The Right to Own Private Property
  6. Freedom to travel anywhere within our nation
  7. Freedom to work at any job for which one can qualify
  8. Freedom to marry and raise a family
  9. The Freedom to Vote

Although I sometimes [often?] disagree with the things some people say, I still recognize and respect the right of free speech. With that in mind, I believe everyone should support the Second Amendment – even if you choose not to exercise your 2nd Amendment right.


Well, if the FIRST or SECOND CONSTITUTIONALLY provided RIGHTS are ever infringed upon, or taken away, then it’s just a slippery downward slope towards an America that is no longer truly free, and that’s just plain Un-American! Not to mention something our enemies would like to see.

Finally, as you contemplate our freedoms, please take a moment to Thank God that there have been, and continue to be, very brave men and women who stand up and fight for those freedoms, regardless of whether they fight for freedom in the streets of Everytown USA, in courtrooms, in the Legislative Branch of Government or on the battlefield, in some cases making the ultimate sacrifice.  After all, Freedom isn’t free.


So on this Independence Day Weekend, Let Freedom Reign, and God Bless America!

Be Aware! Be Prepared! Be Safe!

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