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As you know, I recently completed a review of the FOURSEVENS Mini-123In short, I raved about the Mini-123, concluding that it’s THE BEST EDC Key-Chain flashlight for the Money, Size, Weight and Capability. 

That said, I did point out that after four-plus years of EDC on my key-chain, the split ring mount on three of my four Mini-123’s wore out, though in fairness, everything wears out eventually, and I made a suggestion for improving the Mini-123 in that specific area.

Well, FOURSEVENS happened to see, and really appreciate my honest review, and objective feedback. 

In fact, true to their exceptional customer service model, a representative promptly reached out to let me know:

  • FOURSEVENS is currently working to improve the split-ring attachment point,
  • The newer MX-L puts out 252 lumen and
  • FOURSEVENS wanted to send four replacement Mini-123 bodies to make my Mini-123’s key-chain / lanyard usable again.


I received the replacement Mini-123 bodies not even a week after FOURSEVENS reached out to me, and immediately put the FOURSEVENS Mini-123 back on my key-chain!  It’s so small and light, you won’t even notice it’s there – until you need it – at which point you’ll be extremely happy to have some serious candle-power, and so many great modes!

Customer service doesn’t get any better!  FOURSEVENS is clearly a company that cares about producing extremely high-value, high-quality products AND taking care of its customers.


Look forward to future reviews of other great FOURSEVENS products!


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