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So, here we are.  The end of December.  The end of 2013.  A time for reflecting on the past, and looking forward to new beginnings.

2013 – The Year in Review

Thanks to many of you and your support, 2013 was a good year for Inside The X Ring!  I met many great people, did some really fun shooting, a little hunting, I built some great guns (hint, hint), and after many years of providing informal instruction, I became an NRA Certified Instructor.  Though I didn’t post as frequently as I’d like, I am happy with the information I shared, and the support I’ve received from many of my peers in the online firearms, shooting sports and general outdoors communities.  The AR Series has been especially well received.  In the broader industry and the political scene, cooler heads have prevailed (for now), AR’s and associated parts are again available, and reasonably priced.  Likewise, most ammo is again available, and getting closer to being reasonably priced, (including small quantities of .22lr) 🙂

2014 – A Look Ahead

As usual, I’ve got some big plans for the year ahead.  At the top of the list, is continuing to provide accurate, relevant and appropriate information for my audience, in an easy to read, interesting, even entertaining format.  Of course, I have to finish my AR Series.  After that I may shoot for (pun intended) more frequent, shorter posts, and I’ve already got almost too many ideas for topics.  There’s a long list of Product and Range Reviews I’ve been meaning to do.  I’ve got several posts planned, specifically with new and novice shooters in mind.  I’ve got some ideas for interviews I think could be interesting, and I’ve got plans for another fairly detailed, multi-part series I think will be relevant and interesting to many.  Also high on the list, and at the suggestion of a good friend and subscriber, is finding ways to make the site more interactive.  I want to hear form you, and I want your feedback!  I want your topic suggestions, questions, to know whether you built or bought, how it worked out, and in general what you think.

Aside from the Blog, but certainly related, I want to get out to the range more often (don’t we all…!)   I also want to bring more family and friends with me to the range, and I’d love to take more people who’ve never been, or might be a little bit timid!!  I plan to teach more NRA Pistol and Rifle courses, and possibly pickup a few more ‘NRA Instructor‘ Certifications.  Finally, I’d like to attend more firearms and shooting sports related events, whether they be State level Outdoor Shows, ‘Friends of NRA’ dinners, or something on the National scale, like SHOT Show or the NRA Annual Meeting.  Ambitious?  Yes!  …but hey, it gives us something to shoot for… 😉

So, that’s it.  2013 is a wrap from my end.  Happy New Year!

My Best for a Safe, Healthy & Happy 2014!


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