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For the second time since July, a post from Inside The X Ring’s AR-15 Series has been featured on AmmoLand. Check it out!

AmmoLand ammoland_logo_1is one of THE most popular, most informative and best firearms / shooting sports news sites in the United States of America.  Covering a wide range of topics from antique guns to gun politics, with a long list of distinguished, qualified contributors from around the country, and with frequently updated content, AmmoLand should be near the top of your short-list for broader firearms & shooting sports news.  In fact, any way you slice it, AmmoLand consistently ranks in the Top 5 of the Top 25 Gun Blogs, frequently occupying those coveted Number 1, and 2 spots.

I consider it an honor for Inside The X Ring to be featured on AmmoLand.


Though, from there the post was picked up, and re-posted on some other great firearms sites, like Columbus Ohio Gunsmith (AH Gunsmithing) and Guns ‘N Gold.

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